Financial Planning

About Us

At Crosswind Advisors, LLC, we believe your wealth should empower you to fulfill your goals and fuel your aspirations. Avoid the typical limitations of one dimensional investing. Your wealth should provide you with confidence and clarity of purpose, and it should help you take complete control of your life. Working with a Trusted Advisor who has been trained in the discipline, application, and methodology of The E.V.O.K.E. ® and Values-Based Financial Planning systems, helps free you from the everyday responsibilities of life and wealth management so you can live your life and pursue your passions for the reasons that are important to you. In other words, Values-Based Financial Planning with a Trusted Advisor may bring your life and wealth into alignment.

Our Philosophy

Life planning involves the marriage of meaning and money. It requires a willingness to take a holistic approach to your situation. Crosswind Advisors, LLC can bring clarity to all of your finances and help you develop a strategy so it’s easier to make financial decisions, set long and short-term life goals, and stay on track. 

Our Process

Our discovery process encourages you to think about your life and future in practical ways. We follow a disciplined Wealth Management process that provides a structured approach, while allowing for customization as your situation demands. This process, when executed through time, helps to promote confidence, discourage irrational behavior, and keeps you positioned for long-term financial wellness.

Why Us?

At Crosswind Advisors, LLC we take an objective, holistic, and proactive approach, bringing expertise to bear on every aspect of a client’s financial wealthcare. Financial wealthcare and life guidance — is more comprehensive than traditional financial services. Some would say that it is financial planning done right. We begin with the end in mind.

Using proprietary tools we identify individual values and objectives that affect children, aging parents, and other areas of long term planning including wealth preservation & optimization, education, risk management, tax planning, succession planning and leaving a family legacy. We offer independent, holistic, objective strategies based on a thorough understanding of each client’s situation, values, and goals. Financial planning is a journey. We provide you with a comprehensive Financial Roadmap, a Financial GPS with continuous guidance along the way. Potential benefits include identifying and closing gaps, saving you time, providing clarity, confidence, control, and a deliberate game plan. As our client, you will benefit from a collaborative educational relationship that addresses—and anticipates—your needs. We will follow a disciplined wealth management process that provides a structured approach, while allowing for customization as your situation demands. We offer independent non-proprietary strategies and help with implementation of your plan.

It starts with a relaxed no obligation, no cost conversation. Call or email us today – we look forward to helping smooth your path.

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